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"We saved on last years policy through Saga, we couldn't have been happier with the service!"

- J.Armond

"I didn't even know you could get a cheaper policy by being classed as a mature driver..."

- S.Remond
"I opted for More Th>n because they offered me one months free insurance."

- M.Chamberley




Car Insurance for Over 50s

Over 50s Car Insurance | Car Insurance Over 50s| Insurance for Over 50

Car Insurance

Some insurance companies offer special rates for the more mature driver, in particular for the over 50s

Drivers below the age of 50 are considered more likely to claim on their car insurance than the more mature driver, for this reason some insurers are able to offer people over 50s lower premiums!

Who said being Over 50 didn't have any perks? Car Insurance for the over 50s should be seriously considered by the over 50s age group. They are generally considered by insurers to be less likely to claim than a younger driver, more mature and probably far more experienced when on the roads!

Who Offers Cheaper Rates for Over 50s Car Insurance?

See for yourself by reviewing some the top Car Insurance companies. You are likely to be very pleasantly surprised, so why are you waiting... Get a Great Deal Today!

Get a Quote today from one of many top UK car insurers and see for yourself just how much money you can save on your car insurance...

More Than Car Insurance
could keep you moving on your journey by getting you in a courtesy car within 2 hours of a claim. Protect your no claims bonus for life if you have 4 years or more no claims bonus.

Car insurance from eCar

eCar Insurance are unique in that they let you manage your Car Insurance policy online 24/7. They offer excellent rates and benefits such as having up to 4 drivers on 4 cars. Other benefits they offer are short-term insurance and pay-as-you-go insurance.


There are a number of companies that deal with the Over 50s Car Insurance market. Those insurers may be able to offer you a policy discounted purely on the basis that you're over 50. Other Car Insurers could still offer you a discounted policy because you fall into a low risk category for them, this is why they could offer you cheaper car insurance.

Make sure you always read the insurance policy details and exclusions once you have a quote so that you know what is covered and what is not covered before you make your final decision to purchase any insurance.

The above Descriptions are provided by each respective FSA regulated insurer advertising on our website. Visit their websites for the full policy details and a full list of exclusions.

Before you decide on your car insurance for over 50s policy, make sure you shop around by getting a quote from each of your selected insurers. That way you'll be sure you've got the most competitive deal. All quotes are FREE.

** 25% of people could save £200 by switching to the AA (AA survey of new business quotes based on a comparison of 24 of their competitors, June 2008) .

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